Size Guide

If you have doubts about the size, you can take advantage of our advice and consult the tables to check which is the most suitable size for your needs, before ordering the product.


Size Guide

Here are the dimensions of all the products of the girl line with the comparison table between sizes and measurements in centimeters for height, chest, waist and hips

Height (cm)90100110120
Chest (cm)55576268
Waistline (cm)52545761
Hips (cm)57606470

Size Converter

Before checking the correspondence of sizes, find out how to measure bust, waist and hips

To measure your bust correctly, consider the circumference of your breasts at the height of the most protruding part. This way you can easily determine the size of your bra for both one-piece swimsuits and bikinis.

To measure your waist correctly, consider the narrowest point of your waist.

To measure your hips correctly, consider the point just above where your legs start to thin. This will determine the correct fit of the briefs.

SizeCorresponds to: CHESTWAISTHIPS
S42 – III32.7 – 34.683 – 8826 – 27.666 – 7036.2 – 37.892 – 96
M44 – IV34.6 – 36.688 – 9327.6 – 29.170 – 7437.8 – 39.496 – 100
L46 – V36.6 – 38.693 – 9829.1 – 30.774 – 7839.4 – 40.9100 – 104